New Build Installations

GasJack bring professional installations to new build properties

Probably the most challenging service we provide here at GasJack, and definitely the one with the largest potential scale is our New Build Installation service.  We have been fortunate enough to work closely with some top property developers to provide all of their plumbing and heating installation needs for some gorgeous new developments.

As the photos here hopefully show, we help our property developer clients to realise their buildings by providing our constantly high standard of installation, just on a much larger scale than usual!  Every one of our new build projects has been a huge success and we are continuing to work with developers to bring more beautiful new homes to life.

This is still a fairly new service area for us but we are taking on more projects all the time.  If you are a developer or seeking to build your dream home, then we’d love to hear from you.  Get in touch with us today and let GasJack ensure that your new houses turn out to be warm and cosy homes.