Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services for Any Job

Basic plumbing jobs may not be the most glamorous of our services, but they are arguably one of the most essential.  From expensive hotels to any of our humble homes, they all share the same need for pipes and that means they are all just as susceptible to plumbing emergencies!

The wonderful looking communal shower pictured here is from one such hotel and it sprung a leak.  We were called in and had to dig a corroded pipe out of the wall that had been buried in concrete with no protection!  It just goes to show that a quality finish doesn’t mean that there’s quality work lurking beneath the surface.  This is why we like showing off what we do at various stages, so everyone can see the care and attention we put into all aspects of our work.

Of course emergencies aren’t the only reason someone might want more general plumbing services.  Moving pipework, relocating radiators, replacing any of your plumbed in fixtures and countless other tasks are perfect reasons to get in touch with us and get our expert advice.