An Amazing Wetroom

Bathrooms are one thing, but a wetroom is the ultimate upgrade to this humble space.  Installing a wetroom is not the easiest of tasks and one that can very easily lead to big problems if done poorly.

Given that the whole crux of the design is that the entire floor is your shower tray so that water can drain away from anywhere in the room, you can imagine how a bad tiling job or an unsealed joint can have disastrous consequences.  That’s why ensuring you hire professionals with a lot of experience is essential; basically that’s why you should hire GasJack.

We have installed a large number of wetrooms, and we’re really proud of the results.  Hopefully you can see in the gallery below that they look stunning and why our customers love them!

Ultimately, having a wetroom installed makes for a fantastic feature room that speaks of luxury and convenience; so make sure that you get it right.  Make sure you contact GasJack and get the professional job you deserve.

One of Our Favourite Wetroom Projects